Who We Are

Pathways to Independence  was in the makings long before the doors even opened. A number of participants and staff worked together at a different facility. The participants wanted a program where they had more control over their day to day activities.  In 1999 the Executive Director left her position at the former program and began working on developing a new participant driven program. In March of 2000 the 501C-3 status was granted and the program opened October 2000. Nine participants from the original program moved over to Pathways with their vision in place.

While each participant is responsible for working on their own independence, as a group, decisions are made by majority vote. Each of us gives input into what grants we apply for, what major purchases we make as well as who enters the program. Interviews of new staff are conducted by a panel of participants.

About Us

Pathways participants consist of adults from all over Palm Beach County. Everyone has a significant physical and or communication disability. The primary diagnosis is cerebral palsy. These are minor facts we overlook during our day to day interactions. Everyone has good working minds but limited mobility. This does not preclude participants from the same needs, wants and desires as any other adult. A few unique facts about us: we all vote in elections, we schedule our own activities, we hang out with each other on the weekends. We are all friends!

Our Mission

To provide assistance to individuals with physical and communication disabilities, so that they may live as independently as possible

The history of us ......